Services tailored to your needs. We can work on a project by project basis, or as an ongoing resource. Read more about what we have to offer.


We have extensive experience working with new businesses. Whether you have already gotten started and realize you need some assistance with your financial matters, or the business is still just in your head, we can help !


Brand New Businesses

  • Assist in the preparation of business plans including financial forecasts.
  • Provide a critical “fresh look” at your business plan if you already have one.
  • Set-up accounting systems and processes from scratch including providing training on day-to-day bookkeeping.
  • Guide you through the necessary evils of insurance, hiring, and registration with the appropriate agencies (IRS, Franchise Tax Board, Employment Development Department, State Board of Equalization, Cities/Counties, etc.)

Already Started?

  • Clean-up existing accounting systems and provide training/re-training on accounting software and day to day recordkeeping.
  • Assist in the development of information you need to run your business and keep you out of trouble with the taxing authorities.
  • Troubleshoot business problems that all new business owners face.

Small Business Due Diligence

We can provide as much or as little assistance as you need as you contemplate the purchase of a small business. Our approach is to work with you, so you really are informed about the business you are buying.


Some of the steps/services involved:

  • Assistance in the negotiation of the price & terms.
  • Preparation of the document request list, seller interview questions.
  • Suggest other areas of research and inquiry.
  • Review documents (with you) and help provide focus for the onsite assessment.
  • Conduct onsite assessment and follow-up meetings with sellers and brokers.
  • Consult on tax considerations.
  • Assess available financing options and help prepare required applications.
  • Prepare proforma financials with “what-if” analyses for risk assessment.

After the purchase:

  • Help with the transition of the business including: transfers of assets, procurement of necessary licenses, etc.
  • Direct the set up of accounting systems including: establishment of accounting procedures, finding and/or training staff.

Small Business Sale

If you are thinking of selling your small business, we can help there too!


Areas of Possible Support:

  • Help you to understand how a broker or buyer may see your information. Where are the soft spots? Are there things you can do to present your business in the most positive fashion?
  • Assist in fulfilling document requests from the buyer, brokers and their advisors.
  • Prepare you for onsite inspection(s) and attend meetings to answer questions about financial information.
  • Consult on the tax consequences of the sale arrangement including: sales of stock vs assets, seller financing, leases, covenants not to compete, sales taxes, etc.

CFO Services

Setting up and maintaining solid accounting systems is critical in today’s small business environment. We’ve found that even a relatively small business can have complex issues to deal with. You can tap into 25 + years experience as much or as little as you need to.


On-going Services

The most convenient and cost effective way to handle day to day accounting is usually by having in-house employees do the majority of the work, but all too often the business owner doesn’t have the time or expertise to oversee it. There are also some other financial matters that require more expertise. That is where we come in. We can:

  • Review existing accounting systems and recommend and implement improvements.
  • Help you hire, train and supervise employees
  • Provide direct support on unusual, difficult and complex accounting matters including local/payroll and sales tax compliance.
  • Handle confidential matters that are best not shared with your employees.
  • Prepare or assist with budgets, forecasts and cash management.
  • Design management reports that provide you with the information you really need to make business decisions.
  • Meet with you on a regular basis to review results.
  • Prepare information needed by your tax preparer for tax planning, quarterly estimates and annual filings. Because we are immersed in your business throughout the year we can often bring attention to tax issues and ideas right away.
  • Help solve other business problems with referrals to a network of trusted professionals such as insurance brokers, bankers, lawyers and retirement plan specialists.

Special Projects

It can be very isolating to be an owner of a small business – sometimes you just need someone to “bounce things off.” Maybe a specific event or opportunity triggers a need. We are available to assist with many types of special projects. Some examples include:

  • Helping you think through and analyze the financial aspects of major business decisions such as: restructuring, major asset purchases, joint ventures, etc.
  • Develop tools that can be re-used for more routine decisions such as pricing and compensation models.
  • Prepare you for financial statement review or audit by your independent CPA firm.
  • Assist and/or represent you in the event of an audit or inquiry from an insurance company or taxing agency (city/county, State Board of Equalization, Franchise Tax Board or Internal Revenue Service.)
  • Help you prepare for and attend meetings with investors, bankers and other outside parties as your CFO. We are part of your team and give your extra support and credibility with outside parties.