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Amy Messinger Cummings Moving Company
Lynne helped us feel confident that buying our business was the right thing – we literally could not have done it without her. With her methodology on book check, we felt that we had thoroughly vetted the business before purchase. Lynne was also completely up to speed with our industry in a very short period of time, and became an amazing sounding board, even for industry specific issues. For the first couple of years, Lynne was our “go to” person when I needed to be talked off the ledge … I know she will remain and excellent teacher and amazing resource – the Lynne Rolodex never fails me!
Christine Harkinson, CPA Oakland
Lynne is on top of all the accounting and tax issues with clients – it is rare for her not to be able to discuss current tax issues along with clients’ accounting issues. This level of crossover expertise is invaluable to me to provide timely tax planning advice and savings to clients.